Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

BBC provides installation and service for commercial and industrial fire alarm systems. We have been a dealer for Notifier fire alarm equipment since 2000 and panels range in size from 25 points to 3030 points.  Some military applications call for Monaco wireless equipment and we have installed systems both at Redstone Arsenal and Columbus AFB.  Industrial sites we service locally have both Spectronics and Notifier equipment and we are factory trained to service and install both.  The owner has a Nicet level 4 which qualifies BBC for any size system. We are versed in AutoCad and have our own color plotter for production of professional fire alarm drawings as required by code.

We also provide training for our local fire marshals so they have a firm understanding on what to look for in a quality fire alarm installation. If you are a fire marshal and would like to schedule a training session, please call Billy at 256-774-7250.

All fire alarm systems in Alabama and Tennessee are required to be inspected annually, yet often this requirement is overlooked.  Owners will religiously care for their fire sprinklers and extinguishers but are either unaware or have just forgotten that the fire alarm system requires inspection and maintenance as well. Maintaining your system will keep it from false alarming, or even worse, not responding at all in case of an actual fire. An inspection gives a building owner a snapshot of the condition of a system and becomes public record for solicitation of repair services. Having your system inspected annually and serviced promptly removes liability from the owner in case there is a fire that results in an investigation. If your building is currently non-compliant, please call us for pricing.

 Unlike our competition, BBC is able to completely install all of the conduit, wiring and equipment for any size installation. Our electricians can install EMT or rigid conduit, in standard or explosion proof areas, or run wiring in open plenum and non-plenum ceiling areas.

Is your fire alarm service company compliant? We are completely licensed with the Alabama Fire Marshal's office and the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance for fire alarm installation and service. Your technician should be able to show you his Nicet certification card as it is required for compliance with the new laws (enacted in Alabama in 2009). We still see buildings that have been plagued with false alarms from the poor work of those who have not received the necessary training to properly service these complicated life safety systems. If there is a fire that results in an investigation it will be up to you to explain why you were using a non-compliant organization or individual to service your system. Here are links to verify your service company's compliance:


Key Benefits:

  • Our technicians provide complete installation.
  • We service most major brands of fire alarm equipment.
Fire Alarms