Fire Alarm System Benefits: Donít Go Without One

Fire Alarms

Whether you run a business or you own a home, it is important to have a fire escape plan. Everyone in the home or building should be aware of this plan and know what to do in the event of a fire. However, what good does an escape plan do if you don’t even have a fire alarm system that will alert you when a fire has ignited?

Studies show that battery-operated fire alarms are only reliable about 75 percent of the time. Of course, most of the time, the reason battery-operated fire alarms fail is due to the fact that the batteries haven’t been changed or that the alarm was installed improperly. Regardless, fire alarms that have been wired in to the electrical system of a home or a building are reliable about 95 percent of the time.

Did you know that the number of homes and buildings that report a fire without any type of smoke detector or fire alarm system is about 10 times greater than those with fire alarms?

Benefit: Protects You and Yours

The obvious benefit to fire alarm systems it that they protect every person under the roof. The fire alarm system will alert everyone in the home that a fire is present allowing everyone ample time to get outside of the house or building and out of harm’s way.

Benefit: Monitoring

One overlooked benefit of fire alarm systems is remote monitoring services. Most professionally-installed systems will have a database connected to it that contains important residential information, such as that an elderly or physically-challenged individual lives in the home. When the fire alarm system goes off, someone is alerted so that the change of injury, or worse, is greatly decreased.

Benefit: Protects Your Home/Business

Not only do fire alarm systems protect you and your family, but they protect your entire home. Your home is one of your biggest assets and probably your largest investment; therefore, you want to ensure it is protected. A fire alarm system will protect your home while you are at home and away from home. The same is true for a commercial building that is being used for a business.

Benefit: Reduced Insurance Premiums

For commercial insurance as well as homeowners insurance, properly installed fire alarm systems can greatly reduce the price you pay for insurance. If you don’t have a discount on your policy and have a working fire alarm system, make sure to check with your insurance company and see what kind of discount they offer.  Otherwise, once you have a professional install a system, call them immediately for that discount.

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