DSX Access Control Systems Huntsville AL


Four Primary Benefits of DSX Access Control Systems

Access control systems by DSX come in a variety of sizes and types. Companies can get custom solutions, if necessary. The most common DSX Access Systems are card readers that utilize individual badges or wallet/purse cards for employees that use a special radio frequency embedded in it for entrance into a building wirelessly. There are a variety of benefits that these types of DSX access control systems offer.

  • Stolen or Lost Keys – When keys are stolen, lost or not returned by previous employees, it can be very expensive to rekey each and every door in the building. However, at the same time, if the locks are not changed, it is a huge security risk. Luckily, DSX access control systems make it easy to deactivate security credentials, such as ID badges. Ultimately, this prevents losses and saves the business both time and money.
  • Audit Trail – With a DSX access control system, there will be a record of every attempted opening and every opening for each area and/or door in the building. This can help resolve time card disputes and other employee issues.
  • Time/Day Restrictions – If you have employees that should only be inside the building on certain days or between certain hours, such as janitorial staff, you can ensure that they are only granted access to the building during those specified times.
  • Remote Access Control – Some access control systems permit the access and control of all locks in the building from a single main system. This makes it simple to effortlessly and swiftly lock all doors at the business in the event of an emergency. Credentials can also be added and removed from a remote location.

Regardless of the type of business, every business needs to keep their valuable data and assets safe and secure while minimizing security threats. DSX Access Control Systems ensure that data will stay inside and threats will remain lurking outside.