Smoke Alarms - Huntsville AL

Smoke Alarms Huntsville AL

According to the National Fire Protection Association, having a smoke alarm which is installed correctly and well-maintained reduces the risk of being injured in a fire by 50%. Most homes have at least one smoke alarm but fewer homes actually have working alarms. It is very important to ensure that your smoke alarms are working  by completing and recording tests throughout the year. A smoke alarm that is not tested and kept up-to-date will do you no good in the case of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association has many recommendations for the maintenance and installation of smoke alarms. Those include the following:

  • Have a smoke alarm on every level of your home.
  • Install smoke alarms away from vents and windows.
  • Install your smoke alarms in high places because smoke rises.
  • Install an interconnected system, where all alarms sound simultaneously, for maximum safety in a large home.
  • Never paint or places stickers on your alarm.
  • Educate your children with an evacuation strategy.

The wide use of smoke alarms is an attestation to how well they increase the safety of the inhabitants of a home and are, in many living and working environments, required. There are many different types of smoke alarms. If you are considering updating your smoke alarm system, it is recommended to discuss those differences with a professional who can explain the pros and cons of each as well as assist you in the decision making process. A professional can also provide recommendations for testing and scheduled maintenance.

BBC Systems, Inc. specializes in the installation of smoke and fire alarm systems. For more information about how we can help you maintain the safety and well-being of your family or work environment, email or give us a call today.